Storage of Ammonium Nitrate | Storage Requirements

Except for the storage of ammonium nitrate and ammonium nitrate mixtures that are more sensitive than allowed by the "Definition of Test Procedures for Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer," §1910.109(i) applies to the storage of ammonium nitrate in the form of crystals, flakes, grains, or prills including fertilizer grade, dynamite grade, nitrous oxide grade, technical grade, and other mixtures containing 60 percent or more ammonium nitrate by weight but does not apply to blasting agents.
Section 1910.109(i) does not apply to the transportation of ammonium nitrate.
Section 1910.109(i) does not apply to storage under the jurisdiction of and in compliance with the regulations of the U.S. Coast Guard (see 46 CFR Parts 146–149).
The storage of ammonium nitrate and ammonium nitrate mixtures that are more sensitive than allowed by the "Definition of Test Procedures for Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer" is prohibited.
The standards for ammonium nitrate (nitrous oxide grade) are those found in the "Specifictions, Properties, and Recommendations for Packaging, Transportation, Storage, and Use of Ammonium Nitrate," available from the Compressed Gas Association, Inc., 500 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10036.
Section 1910.109(i) applies to all persons storing, having, or keeping ammonium nitrate, and to the owner or lessee of any building, premises, or structure in which ammonium nitrate is stored in quantities of 1,000 pounds or more. Approval of large quantity storage shall be subject to due consideration of the fire and explosion hazards, including exposure to toxic vapors from burning or decomposing ammonium nitrate.
Storage buildings shall not have basements unless the basements are open on at least one side. Storage buildings shall not be over one story in height.
Storage buildings shall have adequate ventilation or be of a construction that will be self-ventilating in the event of a fire.
The wall on the exposed side of a storage building within 50 feet of a combustible building, forest, piles of combustible materials and similar exposure hazards shall be of fire-resistive construction. In lieu of the fire-resistive wall, other suitable means of exposure protection such as a free standing wall may be used. The roof coverings shall be Class C or better, as defined in the Manual on Roof Coverings, NFPA 203M-1970.
All flooring in storage and handling areas, shall be of non combustible material or protected against impregnation by ammonium nitrate and shall be without open drains, traps, tunnels, pits, or pockets into which any molten ammonium nitrate could flow and be confined in the event of fire.
The continued use of an existing storage building or structure not in strict conformity with §1910.109(i) may be approved in cases where such continued use will not constitute a hazard to life.
Buildings and structures shall be dry and free from water seepage through the roof, walls, and floors.

Storage of Ammonium Nitrate in Bags, Drums or Other Containers

Bags and containers used for ammonium nitrate must comply with specifications and standards required for use in interstate commerce
Containers used on the premises in the actual manufacturing or processing need not comply with provisions of §1910.109(i)(3)(i)(a).
Containers of ammonium nitrate shall not be accepted for storage when the temperature of the ammonium nitrate exceeds 130 °F.
Bags of ammonium nitrate shall not be stored within 30 inches of the storage building walls and partitions.
The height of piles shall not exceed 20 feet. The width of piles shall not exceed 20 feet and the length 50 feet; except that where the building is of noncombustible construction or is protected by automatic sprinklers, the length of piles shall not be limited. In no case shall the ammonium nitrate be stacked closer than 36 inches below the roof or supporting and spreader beams overhead.
Aisles shall be provided to separate piles by a clear space of not less than 3 feet in width. At least one service or main aisle in the storage area shall be not less than 4 feet in width.

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