Sawmills | Storage Requirements

Sawmills §1910.265(c)(27); (d)(2)

Lumber Piling and Storage

In stacking units of lumber, pile foundations shall be designed and arranged to support maximum loads without sinking, sagging, or permitting the piles to topple. In unit package piles, substantial bolsters or unit separators shall be placed between each package directly over the stickers.
Long units of lumber shall not be stacked upon shorter packages except where a stable pile can be made with the use of package separators.
Piles of lumber which have become unstable shall be immediately made safe, or the area into which they might fall shall be fenced or barricaded and employees prohibited from entering it.
Unit packages of lumber shall be provided with stickers as necessary to insure stability under ordinary operating conditions.
Stickers shall extend the full width of the package, shall be uniformly spaced, and shall be aligned one above the other. Stickers may be lapped with a minimum overlapping of 12 inches. Stickers shall not protrude more than 2 inches beyond the sides of the package.
The height of unit package piles shall be dependent on the dimensions of the packages and provide stability under normal operating conditions. Adjacent lumber piles may be tied together with separators to increase stability.

Log Unloading and Storage Areas

Log dumps, booms, ponds, or storage areas used at night shall be illuminated in accordance with the requirements of American National Standard A11.1-1965 (R-1970) Standard Practice for Industrial Lighting.
Log unloading areas shall be arranged and maintained to provide a safe working area.
Where skids are used, space adequate to clear a worker's body shall be maintained between the top of the skids and the ground.
Signs prohibiting unauthorized foot or vehicle traffic in log unloading and storage areas shall be posted.

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