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Each employer having exposed employees is responsible for keeping accurate records of all measurements taken to monitor employee exposure to asbestos. These documents must be kept for 30 years and include the following information:

  • Date of measurement, operation involving exposure, sampling and analytical methods used, and evidence of their accuracy;
  • Number, duration, and results of samples taken;
  • Type of respiratory protective devices worn;
  • Name, social security number, and the results of all employee exposure measurements.

Medical Surveillance Records

It is essential to keep an accurate record for each employee subject to medical surveillance. OSHA requires that medical surveillance records include:
  • Name and social security number of the employee;
  • Physician's written opinions;
  • Any employee medical complaints related to exposure to asbestos; and
  • Additional information provided to the examining physician.
Medical surveillance records have to be retained for the duration of employment plus 30 years.

Other Records

According to the requirements of the asbestos standard, the employer has to maintain all employee training records for one year beyond the last date of employment by that employee.
Records must be made available to the OSHA, NIOSH, affected employees, former employees, and designated representatives. When the employer ceases to do business and there is no successor to receive the records for the prescribed period, the employer must notify the Director of NIOSH at least 90 days prior to disposal of records.
Note: The employer may utilize the services of competent organizations such as industry trade associations and employee associations to maintain the records required by this section.

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