Engineering and Work Practice Controls | Asbestos

To help reduce worker exposure to airborne fibers, asbestos must be handled, mixed, applied, removed, cut, scored or otherwise worked in a wet state. This “wet” method must also be used when products containing asbestos are removed from bags, cartons, or containers. If this is not possible, removal must be done in an enclosed or well ventilated area.

Asbestos containing materials must not be applied by spray methods. Compressed air can be used to remove asbestos or asbestos containing materials only if the compressed air is used in conjunction with an enclosed ventilated system designed to capture the dust cloud created by the compressed air.

To the extent feasible, engineering and work practice controls need to be used to reduce employee exposure to within the PEL. Respirators may be used where engineering controls have been instituted but are insufficient to reduce exposure to the required level. It is the employer’s responsibility to implement a written program to reduce employee exposure to or below the PEL by means of engineering and work practice controls and by the use of respirators.

Written plans must be reviewed and updated as necessary to reflect significant changes in the asbestos program. Employee rotation cannot be used as a means of compliance with the permissible exposure limit.

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