Machinery and Machine Guarding

Woodworking Machinery Requirements §1910.213(s)(5)

(5) Sharpening or tensioning of saw blades or cutters shall be done only by persons of demonstrated skill in this kind of work.

Mechanical Power Presses §1910.217(e)(3)

(3) Training of maintenance personnel. It shall be the responsibility of the employer to insure the original and continuing competence of personnel caring for, inspecting, and maintaining power presses.


(2) Instruction to operators. The employer shall train and instruct the operator in the safe method of work before starting work on any operation covered by this section. The employer shall insure by adequate supervision that correct operating procedures are being followed.


(13) Operator training. (i) The operator training required by paragraph (f)(2) of this section shall be provided to the employee before the employee initially operates the press and as needed to maintain competence, but not less than annually thereafter. It shall include instruction relative to the following items for presses used in the PSDI mode.

(A) The manufacturer's recommended test procedures for checking operation of the presence sensing device. This shall include the use of the test rod required by paragraph (h)(10)(i) of this section.

(B) The safety distance required.

(C) The operation, function and performance of the PSDI mode.

(D) The requirements for hand tools that may be used in the PSDI mode.

(E) The severe consequences that can result if he or she attempts to circumvent or by-pass any of the safeguard or operating functions of the PSDI system.

(ii) The employer shall certify that employees have been trained by preparing a certification record which includes the identity of the person trained, the signature of the employer or the person who conducted the training, and the date the training was completed. The certification record shall be prepared at the completion of training and shall be maintained on file for the duration of the employee's employment. The certification record shall be made available upon request to the Assistant Secretary for Occupational Safety and Health.

Forging Machines §1910.218(a)(2)(iii)

(2) Inspection and maintenance. It shall be the responsibility of the employer to maintain all forge shop equipment in a condition which will ensure continued safe operation. This responsibility includes:

(iii) Training personnel for the proper inspection and maintenance of forging machinery and equipment.

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