Construction Tool Precautions

Wrenches, hammers, pliers. Pruning saws and tools. Crowbars, screwdrivers. Hand hooks, files, and scrapers. Each of these tools might be in your toolbox, and each one needs to be used safely, for the right job. Read the operator's manual before using the tool and operate the tool according to the manufacturer's instructions. Use only tested and approved tools. If a tool is defective, remove it from service, and tag it clearly "Out of
service for repair". Ensure that you have been properly trained to use the tool safely.

The right tools should be utilized for the right job.
Keep tools in good working order.
Any tools with frayed cords or without a grounding plug shall be taken out of service.
Do not use tools that you do not know how to operate.

Ensure that the power tool has the correct guard, shield or other attachment that the manufacturer recommends. Do not leave a running tool unattended. Do not leave it until it has been turned off, has stopped running completely, and has been unplugged. Disconnect the power supply before making adjustments or changing accessories.
Never remove equipment guards without proper authorization.
Be sure the power tool is off and has stopped rotating before putting it down.
Disconnect tool from power source to change drill bits, blades, etc.
Do not use compressed air for cleaning unless the pressure is reduced to less than 30 psi.

Defective Power Tool. Do Not Use!

Pull This From Service.

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