Access to Water | Heat Illness Prevention

  • Potable drinking water must be made available at no cost to the employee. 
  • Maintain, at all times, sufficient quantities of pure and cool potable drinking water (i.e. enough to provide at least one quart per employee per hour for the entire shift).
  • Water must be fit to drink. Water containers CAN NOT be refilled from non-potable water sources (e.g. irrigation wells, sprinkler or firefighting systems). 

  • Care must be taken to prevent contamination of the drinking water supplied to the workers.
  • Implement and maintain effective replenishment procedures when beginning the shift with smaller quantities.
  • Locate the water containers as close as practicable given the working conditions and layout of the worksite. 
  • Keep it readily accessible, move it with the workers! 
  • Encourage the frequent drinking of water.
Remind workers not to wait until they are thirsty!

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