Develop a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Program

Management dedicated to the safety and health of employees should use that evaluation to set a standard operating procedure for personnel, then train those employees to use, maintain, and clean the equipment to protect themselves against those hazards.
A written PPE program should be established for the workplace. The two basic objectives of any PPE program should be to protect the wearer from safety and health hazards, and to prevent injury to the wearer from incorrect use and/or malfunction of the PPE.
To accomplish these goals, a comprehensive PPE program should include:
  • Hazard assessment of the workplace,
  • Medical monitoring,
  • Environmental surveillance,
  • Selection, use, maintenance, and decontamination of PPE, and
  • Employee training.

Program Review and Evaluation

Your PPE program should be reviewed at least annually. Elements which should be considered in the review include:
  • The number of person-hours that workers wear various protective ensembles,
  • Accidents and illness experience,
  • Levels of exposure,
  • Adequacy of equipment selection,
  • Adequacy of the operational guidelines,
  • Adequacy and effectiveness of training and fitting elements,
  • Coordination with overall safety and health program,
  • The adequacy of program records,
  • Program costs, and
  • Recommendation for program improvement and modification.
The results of the program evaluation should be made available to employees and presented to top management so that program adaptations may be implemented.

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