Revision 12/06 Electrical Safety Program

Revision 12/06 General company policy

The purpose of this program is to inform interested persons, including employees, that our company is complying with the OSHA Electrical Safety Standard at §1910.333 by determining that this workplace needs written procedures for preventing electric shock or other injuries resulting from direct/indirect electrical contacts to employees working on or near energized or deenergized parts. This program applies to all work operations at ____________ where employees may be exposed to live parts and/or those parts that have been deenergized.
____________ has overall responsibility for coordinating safety and health programs in this company. 

____________ is the person having overall responsibility for the Electrical Safety Program. ____________ will review and update the program, as necessary.
Copies of the written program may be obtained from ____________ in ____________. Under this program, our employees receive instructions in the purpose and use of energy control procedures, as well as the other required elements of the Control of Hazardous Energy standard. This instruction includes the deenergizing of equipment, applying locks and tags, verifying deenergization, and equipment reenergizing.

We encourage all suggestions because we are committed to creating a safe workplace for all our employees and a successful electrical safety program is an important component of our overall safety plan. We strive for clear understanding, safe work practices, and involvement in the program from every level of the company.

Revision 12/06 Hazard analysis report

To determine areas of ____________ that need to be included in the Electrical Safety Program, ____________ has conducted a hazard analysis of our workplace. This analysis located in ____________, has provided us with information identifying which departments have equipment using electricity, various types of wiring installations, and the types of employee functions that must be covered by the Electrical Safety Program. The departments/areas of our company identified as having electrically operated equipment and/or wiring installations are ____________.

Electrically operated equipment that must be deenergized before work can be done on it and where it is located includes ____________.

Employees of our company who are qualified to work on, near, or with energized electric circuits and equipment are ____________.

Employees working on, near, or with energized electric circuits and equipment who have limited knowledge of electrical circuitry are ____________.

Revision 12/06 Training program

Every employee in our company who faces the risk of electric shock from working on or near energized or deenergized electrical sources receives training in electrical related safety work practices pertaining to the individual’s job assignment.

The goal of our electrical safety training program is to ensure that all employees understand the hazards associated with electric energy and that they are capable of performing the necessary steps to protect themselves and their co workers.

Our electrical training program covers these basic elements:
  • Lockout and tagging of conductors and parts of electrical equipment.
  • Safe procedures for deenergizing circuits and equipment.
  • Application of locks and tags.
  • Verification that the equipment has been deenergized.
  • Procedures for reenergizing the circuits or equipment.
  • Other electrically related information which is necessary for employee safety.
In our facility, all the persons working on or near energized or deenergized electric sources are considered “qualified” to work safely with electrical energy and have received the appropriate training and certification to do so. In addition to the basic training elements, our “qualified” employees are trained in the skills and techniques necessary to identify exposed live parts, determine nominal voltages, and clearance distances and corresponding voltages. This group of employees has also received additional training that includes ____________.
The format we follow for our training program is ____________.

The procedures we follow when training new employees who will be working on or near electrical equipment or circuitry are ____________. When changes involving electrical elements occur in our company, we provide additional employee training to ensure the safety of all affected workers. In this case, we follow these procedures: ____________.

____________ conducts the electrical safety training for all employees. Every employee who participates in the Electrical Safety Program receives a certificate which they sign verifying that they have completed the course, that they understand the information presented, and that they will follow all company policies and procedures regarding electrical safety. These signed certificates of training as well as all training materials and documentation are kept by ____________.

Revision 12/06 Lockout/tagout program

It is our company’s policy that circuits and equipment must be disconnected from all electric energy sources before work on them begins. We use lockout and tagging devices to prevent the accidental reenergization of this equipment. These lockout and tagging procedures are the main component of our electrical safety program. The safety procedures that make up our lockout and tagging program include these elements:
  • Deenergizing circuits and equipment. We disconnect the circuits and equipment to be worked on from all electric energy sources and we release stored energy that could accidentally reenergize equipment.
  • Application of locks and tags. Only authorized employees are allowed to place a lock and tag on each disconnecting means used to deenergize our circuits or equipment before work begins. Our locks prevent unauthorized persons from reenergizing the equipment or circuits and the tags prohibit unauthorized operation of the disconnecting device.
  • Verification of deenergized condition of circuits and equipment. Prior to work on the equipment, we require that a “qualified” employee verifiy that the equipment is deenergized and cannot be restarted.
  • Verification of deenergized condition of circuits and equipment. Reenergizing circuits and equipment. Before circuits or equipment are reenergized, we follow these steps in this order:
    • A “qualified” employee conducts tests and verifies that all tools and devices have been removed.
    • All exposed employees are warned to stay clear of circuits and equipment.
    • Authorized employees remove their own locks and tags.
    • We do a visual inspection of the area to be sure all employees are clear of the circuits and equipment.
In addition to these lockout/tagout elements, we ____________.
____________ are the employees trained and authorized to deenergize, verify, and reenergize electric circuits and equipment in our company.

Revision 12/06 Enforcement

Constant awareness of and respect for electrical hazards, and compliance with all safety rules are considered conditions of employment. Supervisors and individuals in the Safety and Personnel Department reserve the right to issue disciplinary warnings to employees, up to and including termination, for failure to follow the guidelines of this program.

Revision 12/06 Appendix

We have attached to this plan any lists, samples, or procedures we thought would ensure better understanding of our written program.

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Move flammable materials away from electric heat sources and lights.
Know the location of fuses and circuit breakers. Electrical Safety

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