Permit System

Add a note hereBefore entry, a permit system has to be developed to ensure that the space is safe to enter and entrants, attendants, and the supervisor are prepared. A designated and trained entry supervisor must authorize the entry, prepare and sign written permits, order corrective measures if necessary, and cancel permits when work is completed. Permits must be available to all permit space entrants at the time of entry and should extend only for the duration of the task. Cancelled permits have to be retained for a year to use in a review of the confined space program.

Add a note hereEntry permit

Add a note hereAn entry permit documents the essential elements of an entry and must include:
1.     Add a note hereIdentification of the space;
2.     Add a note herePurpose of the entry;
3.     Add a note hereDate and duration of the permit;
4.     Add a note hereNames of authorized entrants;
5.     Add a note hereNames of attendants and the entry supervisor;
6.     Add a note hereList of hazards in the space;
7.     Add a note hereList of measures to isolate the space and eliminate or control the hazards;
8.     Add a note hereAcceptable entry conditions;
9.     Add a note hereResults of tests initialed by the person(s) performing the tests;
10.  Add a note hereRescue and emergency services available and the means to summon them;
11.  Add a note hereCommunication procedures for attendants and entrants;
12.  Add a note hereEquipment used for the entry (respirators, communication, alarms, etc.);
13.  Add a note hereAny other necessary information; and
14.  Add a note hereAdditional permits (such as for hot work).

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